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The Center for Women is excited to announce the launch of its new podcast, Ladies of Misrule.
For 118 years, Emory University’s unofficial mascot has taken the first name and middle initial of its current president. With the election of President Claire E. Sterk in the fall of 2016, the former Lord of Misrule revealed that she was now, in fact, a lady. But what's a lady, anyway?
Join Danielle Bruce Steele, Ed Lee, and host KJ Lewis as they ruminate on gender, symbols, and power.
Visit the website here: to hear the conversation! 

News and Highlights

  • Reproductive Health & Policy Conference: 9am-4pm, Rollins School of Public Health. For more information: TINYURL.COM/EMORYREPROHEALTH
  • Cell Phones for Survivors: Donate your old cell phone at the Center for Women to assist victims of domestic abuse. Some phones will become emergency devices for survivors; others will be recycled and the funds will help support the Partnership Against Domestic Violence and the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence. All information on the phone will be discarded.