Graduate Student Assistantship

Center for Women at Emory Graduate Assistant

The Center for Women at Emory (CWE) will support one advanced graduate student for academic year. The CWE Graduate Fellowship provides an opportunity for graduate students to put theory and research “into practice” in a very hands-on, practical way.


About the Assistantship

The graduate assistantship will be particularly attractive to those interested in:

  • learning how universities work
  • mentoring undergraduate women
  • learning how to produce academic and educational programs
  • gaining skills crucial to future positions in university administration (from directing a center to chairing a department)

The CWE provides opportunities for the critical exploration of local, national, and global gender issues. We also advocate for gender equity throughout the university and provide feminist leadership development opportunities for students. Through our many initiatives, we offer education on gender issues, support public scholarship and engaged learning, and provide a platform for women's voices and experiences to be heard.

Graduate Assistants work at the CWE 20 hours per week and are assigned a variety of tasks and projects. Graduate Assistants may also have opportunities to pursue their own interests in relation to Center’s mission by developing their own events and programs. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following: advising and assisting student groups associated with the CWE; serving as a mentor to other students; organizing educational programs; assisting with university community and diversity initiatives; completing research projects; performing administrative/clerical work; collaborating with and assisting other CWE staff and students; and participating in CWE programs. We require a fellow who has strong interpersonal and written communication skills, is well organized and detail oriented, has interest in and knowledge of gender issues, and is computer literate. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods and/or web design and graphic arts capabilities.


"The CWE taught me a lot about how to build relationships and build community, especially through personal outreach, and I use those skills on a regular basis in my current position. The CWE fellowship was the first position I held at Emory in which I felt I learned the meaning of the word 'professionalization.' My experience as a CWE fellow helped me learn to present myself as a working professional, not simply as a graduate student or a fledgling college professor."- former CWE Fellow

"Working at the CWE helped me to connect the feminist and queer theory I was reading and writing about to the way that gender and sexuality inform people's lived experiences outside of the context of scholarship. This relationship has informed my commitment to producing scholarship that is relevant to contemporary social problems, movements, and relations. The financial support that the CWE fellowship provided and the flexibility of hours to do research and writing were instrumental in helping me to progress towards the completion of my dissertation."
- former CWE Fellow

"It is a fellowship that is especially well-suited to graduate students who are considering careers outside of the professorship track, and I fear there are fewer and fewer of those available despite increasing need for them. I also think that it provides a unique space for graduate students with an interest in gender issues to experience what engaging with those issues looks like ‘on the ground’ in people's lives."
- former CWE fellow