About IPWG

The Intimate Partner Violence Working Group (IPVWG) includes representatives from Emory University and Emory Healthcare who are concerned about the impact of this serious problem on our campus and the greater community.

IPVWG Goal: To recommend an Emory action plan with specific strategies for addressing the issues of intimate partner violence (IPV) and dating violence.

IPVWG Mission: To increase awareness of intimate partner violence (IPV) and dating violence defined as physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, financial, medical, and spiritual abuse used to exert power and control of one partner over another. The IPV Working Group (IPVWG) will develop strategies to educate Emory students, faculty and staff about IPV and dating violence within the context of the greater community. As part of its strategy recommendations, the IPVWG will formulate a communications plan to bolster awareness about the resources available to assist individuals in abusive or neglectful partnerships.