Mary Lynn Morgan Lecture, 2002

2002 Dr. Claire Sterk

Claire SterkThe Fourth Annual Mary Lynn Morgan Lectureship on Women in the Health Professions titled "Empowering Women: The Health Challenges That Lie Ahead" was delivered by Dr. Claire Sterk, noted researcher and professor at the Rollins School of Public Health on Tuesday, October 8, 2002, 7:30 pm, Michael C. Carlos Museum.

The first person to identify the risk of HIV infection due to unprotected sex among crack cocaine users, Dr. Claire E. Sterk is also an accomplished author. Her two books are Fast Lives: Women Who Use Crack Cocaine and Tricking and Tripping: Prostitution in the Era of AIDS. These books, which both feature ethnographic studies and have been translated into several languages, have solidified her standing as a leading national and international figure in the field of public health and anthropology. She is considered one of the ten most highly regarded applied anthropologists working on health issues and is among the very best social scientists studying the AIDS epidemic.

Dr. Sterk received her first doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Utrecht in 1983. She came to New York City in 1986, began her work on AIDS and the transmission of HIV, received her second doctoral degree in Sociology in 1990 through a joint program offered by Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and the Graduate School of City University of New York.

She was invited to the Centers for Disease Control as a visiting scientist, and was recruited by Emory as a professor in the department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, in the Grace Crum Rollins School of Public Health, in 1995.

Dr. Sterk was promoted to the rank of Full Professor in September 2000. She leads the dynamic department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, which employs over 220 people on its projects and is among 5 to 10 departments in any unity of Emory University in the amount of funded programs of research. She served as President of the University Senate in 1999-2000.

In 2002, Dr. Sterk was named Charles Howard Candler Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education.