Mary Lynn Morgan Lecture, 2008

2008 Dr. Gina Wingood

 Gina WingoodDr. Gina Wingood was selected as the tenth speaker in the Mary Lynn Morgan Annual Lecture on Women and Health. Her lecture titled "What's New in HIV Prevention Education for Women: Local and National Approaches" took place at Emory's Miller-Ward Alumni House on Thursday, October 2, 2008, at 7:30 p.m.

Wingood has been lead or coinvestigator on numerous studies focused on th prevention of HIV/AIDS in young women both in the United States and abroad. Wingood has said that she targets women for her studies because of their higher exposure to "gendered, cultural, [and] social variables that increase the risk." Getting at the root of the problem, she has said, often involves seeing "the construction of their lives."

The current five-year study Wingood leads, Social Health of African-American and White Women's Lives (SHAWL), looks at 1,000 black women and 500 white women to see how personal or cognitive factors, attitudes, and actions ultimately affect their risk for HIV/AIDS. Wingood and her research team are especially interested in how gender and racial discrimination, economic hardship, and community and personal violence may affect women's choices regarding sexual behavior.

Wingood holds an ScD from the School of Public Health at Harvard University and an MPH from the University of California-Berkeley.