Mary Lynn Morgan Lecture, 2012

The 2012 Mary Lynn Morgan Annual Lecture on Women and Health - "Violence Against Women: Implications for Healthcare and Society," featuring Dr. Debra Houry - took place on December 11, 2012 in the Rollins School of Public Health Claudia Nance Rollins Building, 8th Floor, Lawrence P. and Ann Estes Klamon Room

Each day in the United States, 3 women are killed by a partner and 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner. Intimate partner violence is the leading cause of injury for women in the United States today. Not only does this violence result in significant morbidity and mortality from trauma, but it also leads to depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and other chronic health conditions. The financial impact is alarming: $5.8 billion annually, with $4.1 billion for direct medical and mental health care services.How can we begin to address this problem? Intimate partner violence is a multi-faceted public health problem that requires an interdisciplinary approach. This talk will discuss identifying and intervening with intimate partner violence victims in health care settings and how to translate this into a societal approach. 

dhoury.jpgDr. Debra Houry, MD, MPH, is Vice-Chair for Research and Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and in the Department of Behavioral Science and Health Education and Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Rollins School of Public Health.

She is currently the Director for the Center for Injury Control, one of 11 CDC funded Injury Control Research Centers and 1 of 2 university based WHO centers on violence prevention and trauma. She teaches several courses on violence and injury prevention at Emory. Her primary research interests are in the prevention of violence against women, mental health issues related to violence, and emergency care. She has been the Principal Investigator on several federally funded grants including \"Computer based screening for Domestic Violence and Mental Health Symptoms\" and \"Safety and Effectiveness of Computer screening for Domestic Violence Victims ! and Perpetrators\". Dr. Houry has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on injury prevention and violence. Dr. Houry has been the recipient of several national awards, including the Jay Drotman Award, given annually by the American Public Health Association for the most outstanding young public health professional in the country (2002) and the first Linda Saltzman Memorial Intimate Partner Violence Researcher Award from the Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma (2007). She is an Associate editor for Annals of Emergency Medicine. She serves on the baord of the Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research and is the newly elected 2011-2012 president for the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.