Public Scholarship Initiatives

Update, 2016: While this program is no longer provided by the Center for Women, we are proud to announce that the public fellows continue to publish scholarship and continue to grow as thought leaders in their fields. We encourage you to continue to follow and support their work.

THE CENTER FOR WOMEN is engaged in a number of initiatives related to "public scholarship," which we conceive of broadly as work that crosses boundaries between the academy and the broader public sphere.  We believe that Emory faculty, staff and students have an obligation to contribute to the public good, whether through participating in public debates about critical issues, contributing to public policy, working with communities to solve problems, making research available to the general public, or engaging in service learning. In particular, we promote public scholarship related to women's issues and provide training for women thought leaders. We primarily promote thought leadership at Emory through three initiatives: the application-only Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellowship, our public one-day OpEd Project workshops, available throughout the year, and the Public Scholarship workshop series, open to all Emory faculty, students, and staff, which we coordinate in partnership with the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence.  

The Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellowship

Our 2013-2015 Fellowship was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Center for Women, Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Center for Injury Control, Laney Graduate School, School of Law, Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Office of the Provost, and Dr. Sheryl Heron.

Emory University partners with the OpEd Project to expand the range of voices heard in the public sphere. With this two-year fellowship, we aim to increase the number of women, minority, and LGBT scholars who are “thought leaders” in the nation’s most visible forums by teaching them how to write for and connect to major media outlets. This program is for Emory University faculty. A small number of graduate students may also be selected if space is available. Space is limited to twenty participants. If you're curious about what it feels like to take the leap into public scholarship, we encourage you to read this piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education by a fellow in the Public Voices program at Yale. Current Emory fellows' bios and successes can be found by clicking the link on the left sidebar.

Many of our our Public Voices Fellows go on serve as panelists in our Public Scholarship Workshop Series and to include public scholarship lessons and assignments in their courses.  This year's fellows have come together to create an Emory University Course that was inspired by the our fellows' training:  Critical Appraisal of Science Communication: Exploring the Science Behind the News.  


Public Voices Fellowship


Other programs and initiatives related to public scholarship at the Center for Women include