Fall 2010 - Women's News & Narratives

Gender Specific to Gender Spectrum

“In English, as in many languages, we can’t really be spoken of as ‘human’ until we are gendered,” says Dona Yarbrough, director of the CWE and a specialist in gender studies. “ ‘It’ is typically reserved for non-human things; humans must be ‘he’ or ‘she.’ While people continue to propose gender-neutral singular pronouns like ‘ze,’ these words haven’t become mainstream—in part because gender is such an entrenched concept.”


Table of Contents

In this issue:

Is the Time Right for a ‘Simple Buddhist Nun'?

Tea, Clotted Cream, Books, and Battles

Women Taking Control of Their Own AIDS Risk: Is a New Medicated Gel the Answer?

New Course Features History and House Building in the Mississippi Delta

Shaped by a Crucible Experience: The Center for Women at Emory

Donor Spotlight: Paula Washington

From the Director

Dona YarbroughThis fall 2010 issue of Women’s News and Narratives is as eclectic as the Center for Women (CWE) itself. As with the center, though, one can discern certain themes. In both, there is a preoccupation with leadership, education, and service.

Several stories are about the CWE’s new initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for in-depth and intersectional learning about gender, whether in traditional courses or informal discussions. My own story—about a course I will teach in the spring—highlights the connection between engagement in service and engagement in learning. Stacey Jones’s story, “Transforming the Transforming Community Project,” discusses a new partnership between the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and the CWE that takes participants on a journey through the history of gender at Emory. Susan Carini’s story about book clubs takes a humorous look at this Oprah-fueled phenomenon and ways that the CWE is exploring the connection between women and books. . . . .     Read more...


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