From the Director

Dona Yarborough

This fall 2010 issue of Women’s News and Narratives is as eclectic as the Center for Women (CWE) itself. As with the center, though, one can discern certain themes. In both, there is a preoccupation with leadership, education, and service.
Several stories are about the CWE’s new initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for in-depth and intersectional learning about gender, whether in traditional courses or informal discussions. My own story—about a course I will teach in the spring—highlights the connection between engagement in service and engagement in learning. Stacey Jones’s story, “From Gender-Specific to Gender Spectrum,” discusses a new partnership between the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and the CWE that takes participants on a journey through the history of gender at Emory. Susan Carini’s story about book clubs takes a humorous look at this Oprah-fueled phenomenon and ways that the CWE is exploring the connection between women and books.
This issue also features Ali Crown and Jan Gleason’s history of the CWE, itself part of a larger history of Emory titled Where Courageous Inquiry Leads: The Emerging Life of Emory University, coedited by Gary S. Hauk and Sally Wolff King.

Kicking off a new feature of the newsletter—donor profiles—is a feature of one of the CWE’s most ardent and accomplished supporters, Paula Washington 95 PhD, who played a major part in the events that led to the creation of the center.

We continue this theme of women’s leadership by speculating about the future of women in Buddhism. Finally, we look at efforts in medical research to save women’s lives with a vaginal cream that will help prevent HIV infection globally.
All these stories seem perfectly in tune with the CWE’s new mission statement, which was developed with the assistance of our Advisory Council:

The Center for Women at Emory benefits our University and community constituencies by promoting gender equity and inclusion, developing women leaders, and providing education on gender issues. The center brings people together to share information, ideas, and resources as we work toward positive individual, institutional, and global transformation.

I invite you to read more and be inspired to transform your corner of the world.