Spring 2010 - Women's News & Narratives

Professor Corey Keyes

"Just hearing the words 'Dr. Pos' might conjure up Drs. Phil or Drew or any of the megawatt-smile TV 'doctors' who profess to feel our pain as they sit pleasurably atop the ratings heap."  


Table of Contents

In this issue:

Keyes to the Good Life

From the Director

"I Feel Most Loved When..."

Seeing New Slivers of Life

Surviving a Husband, Needing a Blender

Nontraditional Relationships: Finding Validity without Marriage


Something's Brewing in This Young Heart

A Grown-Up Birthday

From the Director

Dona YarbroughThis February I was privileged to hear Salman Rushdie, Christopher Hitchens, and Deepa Mehta speak at an Emory symposium titled “The Only Subject Is Love.”  Emory English Professor Deepika Bahri noted that the event’s title came from a February 1999 essay by Rushdie, in which he wrote, “Love feels more and more like only subject.”   I suspect that this may be true, and in fact we have chosen “love” as the subject of this issue of Women’s News and Narratives.  But working on this issue has highlighted for me how difficult it is to speak and write about love, and to convince others to do so.   At the Emory symposium, I was struck by how the conversation kept stubbornly returning to hate rather than love, as if hate were so much more interesting that the speakers could not be torn away from it.  Why is love so often hard to express without feeling vulnerable, stereotypical, unprofessional, silly?  
In an effort (perhaps sadistic?) to encourage people to open up to the subject of love, we sent out a survey asking . . . .     Read more...


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