Spring 2011 - Women's News & Narratives

Natasha Trethewey and Rita Dove

"The first time Natasha Trethewey ever met Rita Dove in person, the older poet opened her arms, and Trethewey walked right in."  


Table of Contents

In this issue:

Is Marriage Recession-Proof?

From the Director

Women and the 2010 Midterm Elections: A Mixed Bag

Hangin' with the NWSA

Changing the Way That Science Is Done

Donor Spotlight: Earl Lewis and Susan Whitlock

Brief: Unsung Heroines

From the Director

Dona Yarbrough“Entering the World through Language” is the theme of this year’s Women’s History Month series featuring Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Rita Dove. The title is borrowed from the title of Susan Davis’s 1986 interview with Dove, in which the poet discusses the importance of teacher-mentors in her life—those who gave her space to read and write. Through these activities, she says, “The world gets larger.”    Read more...


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