Spring 2012 - Women's News & Narratives

Water, Waste, and Women

"What happens when an urban area of three million people has no sewage system, just open drains running through the city? When a huge proportion of the population has no toilets at all, but uses dirty public latrines or 'flying toilets' (aka plastic bags)?"  


Table of Contents

In this issue:

The New Capitalism: Business
Becomes Social

Raising Women's Voices

Women Make History

Donor Spotlight: Laurie Speed-Dalton 96C 99L

Emilye Crosby's Bottom-Up Approach to the History of Women in the Civil Rights Movement


From the Director

Dona Yarbrough“This year the Center for Women celebrates its 20th anniversary, fittingly on the heels of Emory’s 175th anniversary celebration in 2011. In fact, Emory’s “175 Makers of History” list includes some of the women who were instrumental to the center’s early life and many who are involved in the center today.”    Read more...


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