Women Make History

The close of 2011 marked the conclusion of Emory's 175th anniversary celebration. Among the ways Emory chose to commemorate its birthday was by creating a list of especially noteworthy people who have been affiliated with the university.

The list contained the many women who, from Emory's earliest days, had a great deal of influence with regard to its growth, reputation, and stature. Among them is Catherine Andrew Boyd, also known as "Kitty," the woman whose enslavement precipitated a break in Emory's founding United Methodist Church that lasted nearly a century. More recently, a commitment to serving others led students Debbie Genzer and Wendy Rosenberg Nadel, Emory College Class of 1982, to found Volunteer Emory—a campus stalwart that is still going strong more than three decades later.

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Early Consciousness-Raisers and Trailblazers

Catherine Andrew "Kitty" Boyd

Tommie Dora Barker 09G 30H

Elénore Raoul Greene 20L

Evangeline T. Papageorge 29G 37M 68M 71M 75M

Patricia Dwinnell Butler 31L

Verdelle B. Bellamy 63N and Allie Saxon 63N

Pathbreaking Graduates

Catherine Rudder 69C

Julia Voorhees Emmons 73G 84PhD

Leah Ward Sears 80L

Beverly Guy-Sheftall 84PhD

Saralyn Chesnut 94PhD

Paula Greenfield Washington 95PhD

Pioneering Administrators and

Lettie Pate Evans

Elizabeth Gambrell 31C 46M 49MR

Edith Honeycutt 39N

Mary Lynn Morgan 43D

Ada Fort

Dorothy Emily Brinsfield 52MR 64G

Betty Marie Stewart 52N

Notable Faculty and Staff

Nanette Wenger 59MR

Delores Aldridge

Melissa Maxcy Wade 72C 76G 96T 00T

Susan Henry-Crowe 76T

Deborah Lipstadt

Ali P. Crown 85C

Humanitarians and Generous Benefactors

Nell Hodgson Woodruff

Donna Day Kessler Schwartz 62C

Nelia J. Kimbrough 74T

Alicia Anne Philipp 75C

Twilla Haynes 80N

Debbie Genzer 82C and Wendy Rosenberg Nadel 82C

Renelda Mack 83C

Grace Rollins

Thalia Carlos

Accomplished Alumnae

Jane E. Smith 70G

Virginia Bales Harris 71C 77PhD

Mary Margaret Oliver 72L

Barbara Brown Taylor 73C

Emily Ann Saliers 84C and Amy Elizabeth Ray 86C

Patricia Lottier 84PhD

Katherine Anne Castor 88C

Elizabeth Sholtys 07C

Stacey Jones serves on the Center for Women at Emory (CWE) Editorial Advisory Board and is a chair of the CWE Advisory Council Awards Committee.