Spring 2013 - Women's News & Narratives


“I probably don’t need to tell you that coming out as a man is not generally one of the effects of any strand of feminism. But I, for one, was a feminist before I got to be a man. And, without feminism, I wouldn’t know how to be a man.”


Table of Contents

In this issue:

Donor Spotlight: Adam Rothwell

The Feminist Men of the Center

It Is Not “Rape Light”

The Good Men Project

The Marketing Guy: Still a Work in Progress

Faculty Member Steve Everett Bangs the Drum for Women

The Happy Oxymoron: Project Unspoken Goes Viral

From the Director

Dona Yarbrough“I’d like to dedicate this issue of WNN, 'Men and Feminism,' to all the men who have supported the Center for Women since its inception.  Some of these men would not even call themselves feminists, but just the same they have incorporated feminist ideas into their lives." Read more...


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