The Happy Oxymoron: Project Unspoken Goes Viral

Portrait of Caleb Ixnyou Peng

Caleb Ixnyou Peng has been an intern in the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) in Campus Life since summer 2012. He has been a member of the Respect Program and the Sexual Assault Peer Advocates. In his senior year here, he started Project Unspoken—a set of viral videos that have caught the attention of universities and nonprofits across the country and even the White House. Peng’s vision for Project Unspoken has inspired a diverse student movement to challenge the status quo around sexual violence and related issues.

You can see the work Peng has done as the undergraduate assistant for the OHP here and in the Office of Health Promotion's 20th anniversary video.

Center for Women Program Coordinator Shannan Palma had the opportunity to sit down with Peng and ask him about the steps he has taken to end violence against women.