Our History

Learn the history of the CWE, from the circumstances surrounding its founding in 1992 under Ali P. Crown through its evolution under the leadership of former Director Dona Yarbrough.

Shaped by a Crucible Experience: The CWE - The Center for Women at Emory (CWE) occupies an important place in the recently published history of Emory, Where Courageous Inquiry Leads: The Emerging Life of Emory University, edited by Gary S. Hauk and Sally Wolff King (Bookhouse, 2010). Along with a chapter on the development of the Department of Women’s Studies and profiles of influential women faculty members, the book’s chapter on the CWE brings to prominent light the role of women at Emory in the past half century.

Buildng on the Cutting Edge - The Emory Report profiles former director CWE Director Dona Yarbrough.

A Year of Intimate Partner Violence Awareness - The 2012-2013 academic year marked the 20th year of the Center for Women at Emory's existence. In honor of that milestone, the CWE decided to highlight its continual work to end intimate partner violence by making awareness and prevention the themes of its three biggest programs and approaching the topic of intimate partner violence as a personal, societal, and institutional issue affecting us all.