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What is Praxis?

Praxis is a hub for students who are looking for ways to infuse their theory and practice. Many students express that some of their biggest issues arise in the classroom. Thus, Praxis seeks to change the classroom culture. Additionally, it seeks to infuse feminist theory into non-classroom spaces in the university in an effort to normalize feminist theory and ideas.


Students must apply for membership in Praxis. Applications must include.

  • Transcript (as evidence of women's studies course)
  • Answer the following questions:
    • What excites you about the women's movement today?
    • Where do you currently see a blend of feminist theory and practice?
    • Who is your favorite feminist and why?


  • These are students who see themselves as feminists
  • have taken women's studies classes either at Emory or Oxford or another institution

Expectations for Membership:

  • Must be able to attend annual Women's History Month Keynote
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Contribute to the annual survey
  • Read nominations for the pedagogy award
  • Advertise and solicit nominations for pedagogy award helping to ensure that the nominations are broad and diverse in representation


  1. Women's History Month Keynote: Selecting speakers and topics that lend themselves to the application of feminist theory in the world. Topics that make us think critically about the direction of the women's movement and can leave an impact on student leaders and organizers. These conversations should give us tangible things to take back to our work
  2. Changing the classroom: one way that male supremacy works is by discounting the contributions of women as thinkers and contributors to major disciplines. Each year praxis conducts a survey of course offerings at Emory and counts how many authors assigned were women and how many were women of color. They produce an infographic that is distributed to the departments and work with the WGSS department to provide a list of recommendations for thinkers to consider. The hope is for this organizing to encourage the university to create a diversity requirement.
  3. Feminist Pedagogy Award: The members of Praxis select the winner of the Women's Center Pedagogy Award for educators who are employing feminists practice. A member of Praxis will present the recipient with the award at the Women of Excellence of Awards.
  4. Digital Activism: Praxis also works to transform digital spaces by acting as combatting sexism online and correcting erroneous information about feminism and women's issues. They receive training on online activism at the beginning of the academic year.

To apply, visit:

Application due: Friday, September 8, 2017, at 5 pm

The Center for Women at Emory invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for membership to The Girlhood Project. The board is dedicated to working to better girls' lives by advocating for their futures and providing opportunities for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.

The Committee Will:

  • Provide the opportunity for members to develop leadership skills;
  • Allow members to apply leadership skills through service;
  • Allow members to expand knowledge about themselves and others;
  • Offer an opportunity to join a network of leaders  Convene for monthly meetings

The Committee Will Do:

  • The International Day of the Girl
  • Women & Girls in Sports Day
  • Curate resources for feminist parenting
  • Create a feminist coloring book

To apply, visit:

Application due: Friday, September 8, 2017 at 5pm