Each semester, the Center for Women holds a Mix & Mingle event for feminist graduate students from across campus to make connections over wine and appetizers at the CWE. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking, interdisciplinary conversations, and making new friends.
Graduate women often have many responsibilities and obligations in addition to their scholarship—so much so that it can be hard to prioritize research even when major deadlines are due. The CWE hosts an annual subsidized retreat during fall break to provide graduate students with the opportunity to kick their productivity into high gear while enjoying the solidarity of other scholars and the beauty of nature at the same time.
This cohort meets each Friday morning to foster a space of quiet, accountability, and hospitality to students, faculty, and staff who are in the midst of writing projects. We use the Pomodoro method to enhance our focus and provide regular opportunities to stretch, chat, and snack before reentering.

The First-Generation Graduate Women's Collective provides first-generation women doctoral students with the opportunity to build community and have conversations about their graduate experiences that fall outside of the purview of formal professional development.